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Welcome to Emerald Greens

Emerald Greens, located in Ballyporeen, Co Tippeary, is Ireland’s first and largest vertical farm. We are leading the way in controlled environment farming, producing our award-winning crops on vertical shelves under LED lights in specially kitted-out grow houses. The plants are nurtured in water only, in an eco-friendly way that eliminates the need for pesticides or herbicides. This extremely efficient system means that we produce fresher, tastier, crops for the Irish market all year round.



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Why vertical farming is the way of the future


Over €175 million worth of vegetables, including 15,000 tonnes of lettuce, are imported into Ireland each year. Much of which travels thousands of miles before reaching the supermarket shelf. By comparsion we use a fraction of the ‘food miles’ they require as our produce is grown and eaten locally.
A huge saving that positively impacts travel costs and carbon footprint.


Agriculture is the largest user of water globally. By 2050, the sector is expected to account for more than half of all withdrawals from rivers, lakes and aquifers. Vertical farms’ highly controlled indoor environments reduce water consumption to a mere trickle – 95% less than traditional farming – by capturing and reusing the water that evaporates from the growing plants.


Our unique way of growing indoors allows us to grow fresh food at all times, no matter the season or weather. This means we can confidently commit to the delivery schedules demanded by our customers and provide them with fresh, flavourful, safe and consistent produce all year round.


We use zero pesticides, herbicides and fungicides as our grow houses are completely sealed off from the outside environment. As a result, the food we grow is healthier, safer, and ready to eat right out of the container with no washing needed.


Soil degradation is becoming an enormous problem globally. In the past 150 years it’s estimated that we’ve lost roughly half of our planet’s topsoil. Problems like erosion, compaction, loss of soil structure, and nutrient degradation all play a role in this crisis. Vertical farms use no soil at all so we don’t contribute to the dilemma. Additionally, the more vegetables etc that are grown inside a hydroponic system, the lighter the load is on the planet for crops that can’t be grown hydroponically.


As each plant is nurtured in the perfect conditions of light, nutrients and temperature – without the need for pesticides – it allow us to grow for flavour first, confident that none of the tastiness is lost though ‘food miles’. And, as we are harvesting through out the year, our crops are delivered to our customers in peak condition.


We grow tender baby leaf greens, spicy asian greens and flavour-filled herbs from seed to plate in 28 days or less








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